Short Story Sunday

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Short Story Sunday

Every Sunday I’ll post a new short story for your enjoyment. This will come from my imagination, but feel free to send any requests on topics you would like to read! I accept guest posts as well. Shoot me an email, I can’t wait to collaborate with you!

Currently I’ve just started uploading chapters of a new novel that I’m working on. I might write some short stories in the middle of it all, and I will try to clearly label everything.

Part 7 of The Story

The rest of the weekend flew by, with Brooke avoiding talking to me after the failed pasta lunch. She wasn’t sure what was wrong with me and I figured she wanted to ask but was keeping to herself. It was the first time I was excited to go back to school, to change and be … Continue reading Part 7 of The Story

Part 6 of The Story

I packed a bag slowly. Jenny was already gone and having my own room again was nice. Randy stuck his head in to say goodbye, but I didn’t have the strength to have a conversation with anybody just then. I got undressed and put on a comfy pair of leggings and a sweatshirt. The weather … Continue reading Part 6 of The Story

Part 5 of The Story

My first month of college went generally the same way. I would get up early and go downstairs to drink my coffee. I realized that if I was going to be buying coffee everyday it would add up and I invested in my own jar and used the hot water urn they had in the … Continue reading Part 5 of The Story

Part 4 of The Story

I’m back with another installment of my novel! To read Parts 1-3 first, just scroll down. Everything is labeled appropriately. The next day was an orientation where they explained to us how you signed up for class and showed us around the different buildings. We all got an RA assigned to us and trekked what … Continue reading Part 4 of The Story

Part 3 of The Story

The last week went by in a blur. I didn’t want it to go fast but it seemed to fly by, in spite of the spike in tension in the house.  Brooke had told our parents that she was moving out. She felt like it was time, and with me gone she wouldn’t have much … Continue reading Part 3 of The Story

Part 2 of The Story

It was a random Tuesday, and still a hotter summer than anyone could recall in living history. Everyone walked around grumbling about global warming, but I was outside in my backyard soaking in the rays. I was trying to work on a tan. My goal was to enter college as that aloof and super attractive … Continue reading Part 2 of The Story

Part 1 of a New Story

Hey guys! Welcome back to Short Story Sunday. Only, this time I’ve decided to do it a bit differently. I’ve decided to post the first chapter of a novel that I wrote recently. Let me know what you think! I’ve been playing with the idea of posting chapters here and if you’d like to influence … Continue reading Part 1 of a New Story

Making Him Mine

I watch him while he sleeps. It’s the only time that he is mine, all mine. When there’s no phone, no ringing, no meetings, no other people involved. It’s just him and I.  He snuffles a bit and turns over, bringing the blanket underneath his chin. I stroke his face gently, careful not to wake … Continue reading Making Him Mine

The Black Cat

What the-? I step back quickly as a black cat streaks across my path. Instantly, it’s gone, in the way that cats have. Suddenly and permanently.  I continue on, my heart rate returning to normal, hoping no one saw my silly girl freak out.  I’m 6”2, and almost 300 pounds. It would not do to … Continue reading The Black Cat

Bob and Barbara

“Whhhhyyyyyy does everything always happen to me?” Barbara slammed her keys onto the table and turned to her husband. “You wouldn’t believe the day I had.” Bob turned around in his swivel chair to give her attention. It was dangerous to ignore Barbara when she came home. She would throw a fit if she felt … Continue reading Bob and Barbara

Perfect Sandra

This is a story I wrote in May, 2019. It’s longer than my usual posts, but I hope you enjoy it! It was the day that nothing could go wrong. And I meant nothing. I was not going to stand for anything less than perfection, no excuses.  Of course, when one says that, one opens … Continue reading Perfect Sandra